Graphical Commissions

So some people have come to me asking for decent graphics by someone who can do respectable image editing, so I figured I might as well throw this page up.

If you’re interested in hiring me for any graphical jobs, contact me over Steam or E-mail ( and I’ll give you a timed estimate of when I think I can have it your requests finished (if possible). I’ll send you some sketches of the estimated final product and if you’re happy with it, I’ll continue it from there and ready up my PayPal invoice which requires your e-mail address. After the product is completed, I’ll send a watermarked picture of it and after the payment is processed, the graphic will be sent through a file-sharing service of your choice.

Commissions are currently open.

Services Offered:

  • Overlays: $20 USD.
  • Icons/Avatars: Depends how much time and effort it’ll take. I’m not exactly experienced with them so I’ll do them for $3 USD.
  • Logos: $10 USD.
  • Custom Commissions: Shoot me what you want and if I think I can handle it, I’ll accept your proposal and provide a quota.
  • Edits: If the graphics to be edited have already been previously done for an existing commission, it’s half of the original cost.
  • .PSDs: .PSDs comes included with the graphics requested for an additional $5.

If you’re not happy with the finished product any time during development, contact me and we will work something out. I’m not content until you’re happy with the product at hand.

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