Watching Twitch Streams & Chat Without A Browser

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Alright, because Twitch is just globally meh and starting to aggravate me, here we go~

Setting Up Twitch’s Video Stream through VLC:

  1. Grab VLC. Note that the binaries only work on Windoze, but works on any OS that supports Python. You’ll have to recompile the source code provided etc etc.
  2. Install (and optionally configure) Livestreamer.
  3. All further instructions are for Windows but can be adjusted for any OS. Press your Windows Key and your R key. A Run dialog box should pop up. Your parameters will be as follows (assuming you didn’t touch where livestreamer was installed): livestreamer.exe<channel name> <quality> – qualities available are (from worst to best) mobile, low, medium, high, and source.
  4. Enter in your desired stream to watch and the quality. For example, if you want to watch my stream in Source quality, then you’d type in: “livestreamer.exe source” (obviously not with the quotes).
  5. Done. VLC should open and start playing the stream.

Why would you do this? VLC DOESN’T HAVE TO BUFFER (usually)! Twitch’s flash client is what causes some of buffering / bufferlag (lag caused by excess buffering), so if you’re buffering / having above average stream delay, just switch over to VLC and pop out the Twitch chat. If you want to completely eradicate Twitch’s UI from the equation, then you can:

Setting Up Twitch’s Chat through an IRC Client:

Read this.

TL;DR? Go here and get your oauth token. Connect to 6667 (no ssl). Your username is your Twitch username and your password is that oauth token.

Why would you do this? You could set up a bot through mIRC or HexChat, or you want to use a function of an IRC client that Twitch’s popout chat can’t offer (such as chat opacity). Unfortunately, you lose Emotes and Subscriber Icons (unless you use a client like Pidgin and make them yourself). Here’s a list of Twitch Emoticons and their source images (might be outdated).