BibleThump | RIP Kraken Pro



3 weeks ago, audio wire inside the left speaker started to fray. Five days after that, the plastic casing inside the green fabric (above where the tape is) snapped due to excess use and is now a bunch of little plastic pieces laying in a plastic bag near my microphone. Leftside speaker can fully turn but is now restricted by the scotch tape so it doesn’t completely burn out the audio cable still inside. I pulled out the rightside speaker so that it would be symmetrical and that I can take them apart when I need to. That being said, it still works but I can’t actually put them on my head so I’ll basically just be using them when I’m laying down (aka so I don’t sleep on other pairs of headphones). Warranty ends in 2 months (aka I can’t fucking use it because of “negligence”). Not too bad for $60 headphones. G430s are coming in soon.






Smite | Treasure Chest Unboxing Results

Wasn’t recorded. Don’t care. Wasn’t worth having the audio of me squealing like a little schoolgirl because of some good RNG.

I unboxed quite a bit of shit. I had a ton of voice packs and a few skins (Digimir, Futbol Bundle, Covert Ops pack, Fluffy Manticore, All-Seeing Eyes, Ms. Diagnosis, Afro-Dite, Convention 2013/2014, Sacred Dragon, Blood Eagle, Red Star, Feaster Bunny, Moonlight Love, He Bro, Space Monkey, Infiltrator, Poolseidon, Ra’merica, Dark Lord, Privatyr, Sentry and Almighty) prior so that skews the results of this somewhat as you can’t get an item you already own, therefore artificially increasing the chances of getting a higher rarity.

Here’s a quick glossary:

3dAB = Three Day Account Booster

Epics are counted as 800g. Rares are counted at market value / 600g. Non-animated Avatar Icons are counted at 400g.

Mikal's Treasure Unbox List

Item TypeApplicable ToItem NameMoney Saved Through Chests w/ Chest Cost
Voice PackChaac-200g; 1x3dAB
SkinWardsLightning Bolt-100g; 1x3dAB
SkinFreyaFrost Maiden100g; 1x3dAB
Voice PackGuan Yu-100g; 2x3dAB
SkinWardsDenton Balloon0g; 3x3dAB
Voice PackFenrir-200g; 3x3dAB
SkinWardsMr. Cactus-100g; 3x3dAB
Voice PackSobek-300g; 4x3dAB
Voice PackAnhur-500g; 5x3dAB
SkinGuan YuMaster Guan Fu-300g; 5x3dAB
Voice PackAgni-500g; 6x3dAB
Voice PackOsiris-700g; 7x3dAB
Avatar IconLizard Eye-500g; 7x3dAB
Voice PackLoki-700g; 8x3dAB
SkinBakasuraDeath Machine-500g; 8x3dAB
SkinWardsGoldie-400g; 8x3dAB
SkinWardsSword in the Stone-300g; 8x3dAB
SkinNe ZhaCyberpunk-200g; 8x3dAB
SkinWardsYou've Got MailBox!-100g; 8x3dAB
SkinWardsTreasure Chest500g; 8x3dAB
Avatar IconScreaming Mouth1100g; 8x3dAB
SkinAresDiamond Sword1300g; 8x3dAB
SkinChaacSlaughterHouse1700g; 8x3dAB
Avatar IconGreek Pantheon1900g; 8x3dAB
Voice PackUllr1700g; 9x3dAB
Voice PackOdin1500g; 10x3dAB
Voice PackThanatos1300g; 11x3dAB
SkinHadesSoultaker1500g; 11x3dAB
SkinYmirNuclear Winter2100g; 11x3dAB
SkinOdinMountain Man2300g; 11x3dAB
SkinWardsMoai2400g; 11x3dAB
SkinNemesisBlind Vengeance2600g; 11x3dAB
Voice PackArachne2400g; 12x3dAB
Avatar IconMayan Pantheon2600g; 12x3dAB
SkinYmirObsidian Shard2800g; 12x3dAB
SkinUllrThe Survivor3000g; 12x3dAB
SkinSobekHigh Seas3400g; 12x3dAB
Avatar IconEgyptian Pantheon3200g; 12x3dAB
38 crates unboxed, 7600g spent: 3200g saved by using crates


So now I’m missing 4 Pantheon Avatars, Satellite Ward Skin, Swagni, AMC VP, Anhur Olympian, Anubis VP, Stargazer, Gravehound, Apollo TSM, Arachne Black Widow, Artemis Wrangler, Art Convention, Father Chrismash, Chronos VP, Cupid Lil’ Devil, Wreck The Halls, Metal Carnage, Jingle Hel, Derpules, Shaolin Monk-ey, Scarlet Coven, Ne Zha VP, Nemesis VP, Solar Sentinel, Rama VP, Jack The Reaper, Heavy Metal, Iron Gamer, Lil’Mana, Zeus VP, Zeus Stormbringer, and ZK VP. Assuming I bought chests for all of these, that’s a total of 7000g required. That’s about $100. Knowing me, I’ll probably do it because I’m batshit insane.

and Chang’e LT but that’s not purchasable yet and Twitchymir which can’t be obtained from chests

A Random Assortment of Updates | #1

Some things real quick. This started out as a quick update for ONE topic but evolved enough to that I might make an entire category for miscellaneous shit. Behold, ARAU(1).

1: Stream) Regarding the stream, I started graphical work. I think I’m not entertaining to watch so I might as well make the stream look good. Added overlays to games that I play – trying to keep it as plain and simple as possible. Should be much prettier now that I’ve screwed around with 3D. Hope you guys like .gifs in the AFK screen instead of just a plain musical ticker.

2: Personal Server) My Ubuntu server is having problems with its wireless (problem #1) USB dongle. I hate wireless as the connection is slower and USB as opposed to SLI adapters is not ideal. The driver for the little shit won’t work and softlocks the entire OS whenever internet is being used, EVEN IF THE CONNECTION IS ABSENT. Dunno wat do. Ethernet, unlike my current rig, is not a possibility. Wat do.

2a: Mumble Server and Game Servers) I’ll be hosting servers off of this box. One will be a 15slot Mumble Server ( will be the potential IP for it) and maybe other servers that I’ll be playing with Pugrnauts at the time.

3: Homepage) I’ve started designing a simple homepage so I don’t have to default to Google every time. It’ll still have a search engine on the front but I don’t know if people would like a public frontpage that’s based off of iGoogle.

4: Graphical Design) Speaking of #1, commissions are back up. I’ll update the page with updated payment information eventually (because taxes and shit).

5: Avatar) I’m making a new avatar. About fucking time, right? My avatar was made in 2008(?) and I feel it needs to be updated. That concoction was the first project I finished in PS, and there’s obviously a shitton of problems with it. Thing is, it’s going to have the same theme with it but I have not the slightest idea if I’m going to keep the Awesome Face on it. I’m thinking about tossing Sachiel’s face from Neon Genesis Evangelion (or something from KS? Idunno)onto it instead, but I’m not sure if that’s been overdone or not. The background will be a custom one and not some ripped shit off of the internet. It’ll probably be its own background but cropped out to be an avatar (which will be available for download sometime this year).

6: Firefall) IT’S NOT SHIT ANYMORE >MFW NO FACE. A lot of problems from my original update are now RESOLVED, which makes me think that some developers actually read my fucking post. If that’s true, then I’m glad to have boosted the quality of the product. If it hasn’t, even better. Red5 actually figured out their own problems without my aid. I’ll post a full review sometime in August, since the game officially launches on the 28th (hype).

7: Music) I need moar music to listen to. Recommend me shit. It has to be fast moosik and not some shitty mainstream pop/rap/country shit. Not F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. fast but at least faster than Foo Fighters’ slower songs. Probably gonna go on /mu/ and lurk for a while.

8: Twitter) If you don’t know, @MikalMirkas serves two functions: To update when I produce content over Twitch/here/YouTube and to write completely meaningless things such as RTs. If you enjoy my shit, you should be following me there. I don’t filter my content on here, this is purely for blogging/whining. It’s the easiest form of content production for me as editing is extremely easy. Editing is improving content, and text editing is the easiest form of editing content (i.e. why screenshots are easy to forge).

9: YouTube) I’ll be starting to make more content in the new year. I lack…

10: Motivation) THIS. I LACK IT. 2depressed2work.

Firefall | >mfw

8:54 AM – did you read my firefall review
8:55 AM – Faceless: no
8:55 AM – good
8:55 AM – Faceless: But that was before the last patch, right?
8:55 AM – yes
8:55 AM – Faceless: And the last patch
8:55 AM – Faceless: literally changed everything
8:55 AM – inb4notimportant
8:55 AM – Faceless: Levels are back
8:55 AM – Faceless: <3
8:56 AM – Faceless: No perma breaking gear
8:55 AM – BRB
8:56 AM – Faceless: YES