A Random Assortment of Updates | #1

Some things real quick. This started out as a quick update for ONE topic but evolved enough to that I might make an entire category for miscellaneous shit. Behold, ARAU(1). 1: Stream) Regarding the stream, I started graphical work. I think I’m not entertaining to watch so I might as … Continue reading

Firefall | >mfw

8:54 AM – MikalMirkas.ca: did you read my firefall review
8:55 AM – Faceless: no
8:55 AM – MikalMirkas.ca: good
8:55 AM – Faceless: But that was before the last patch, right?
8:55 AM – MikalMirkas.ca: yes
8:55 AM – Faceless: And the last patch
8:55 AM – Faceless: literally changed everything
8:55 AM – MikalMirkas.ca: inb4notimportant
8:55 AM – Faceless: Levels are back
8:55 AM – Faceless: <3
8:55 AM – MikalMirkas.ca: LEVELS ARE BACK?
8:56 AM – Faceless: No perma breaking gear
8:55 AM – MikalMirkas.ca: BRB INSTALLING
8:55 AM – MikalMirkas.ca: BRB
8:55 AM – MikalMirkas.ca: INSTALLING
8:56 AM – Faceless: YES

Sorry. Again.

I’ve sort of vanished from posting. Here’s a summary of what happened and why I haven’t been posting at all: Mental breakdown due to incompetence due to current mental status. This was back in April. I was writing a suicide note but decided not to post it. It’s currently saved … Continue reading