BibleThump | RIP Kraken Pro



3 weeks ago, audio wire inside the left speaker started to fray. Five days after that, the plastic casing inside the green fabric (above where the tape is) snapped due to excess use and is now a bunch of little plastic pieces laying in a plastic bag near my microphone. Leftside speaker can fully turn but is now restricted by the scotch tape so it doesn’t completely burn out the audio cable still inside. I pulled out the rightside speaker so that it would be symmetrical and that I can take them apart when I need to. That being said, it still works but I can’t actually put them on my head so I’ll basically just be using them when I’m laying down (aka so I don’t sleep on other pairs of headphones). Warranty ends in 2 months (aka I can’t fucking use it because of “negligence”). Not too bad for $60 headphones. G430s are coming in soon.






Smite | Treasure Chest Unboxing Results

Wasn’t recorded. Don’t care. Wasn’t worth having the audio of me squealing like a little schoolgirl because of some good RNG. I unboxed quite a bit of shit. I had a ton of voice packs and a few skins (Digimir, Futbol Bundle, Covert Ops pack, Fluffy Manticore, All-Seeing Eyes, Ms. Diagnosis, … Continue reading