Firefall | The Shortcomings Of Red 5 Studios

Addendum: Some people think this is a non-biased review. I’d like to point out the following:

This is an analytical review based on where I, MikalMirkas, would ideally like to see Firefall go based on how I saw it in its original infancy. This is completely based on my perception and whether you agree on the specifics or not is completely at your own discretion, but the problems are there and they need to be fixed. Thank you.

Firefall. A strange MMO. The announcement and hype of it in early 2012 was massive, back prior to when SOPA/PIPA had shook the gaming community and Mark Kern was the CEO.

I joined the Firefall community in February of 2012 – my friend Chris tossed me a beta key to play with his other friend. As of this post being written, I had an account for around two years and one month. Made my shitty army named “Boss, do you shot Web?” in 2013 for shits and giggles.

So, to sum up FF quickly, it’s a linear-progression open-world economic “pay-2-not-grind-at-least-anymore” F2P FPSMMO powered by microtransactions with your generic little perks: armies (guilds), squads (groups), etc. Sounds good in theory, but the thing about Red 5 is that the game’s execution was extremely poor. Firefall is the definition of one step forward and two steps back. Continue reading